Escola Panamericana Educação Basica - Porto Alegre

Avenida Joao Obino, 110 - Petropolis - Porto Alegre/RS

Escola Panamericana Educação Basica é uma escola privada em Porto Alegre/RS, no bairro Petropolis que iniciou em 1966. Oferece creche, educação bilíngue, ensino fundamental, ensino fundamental - anos finais 6ᵒ ao 9ᵒ, ensino fundamental - anos iniciais 1ᵒ ao 5ᵒ, ensino médio e pré-escola. Saiba mais abaixo e entre em contato com Escola Panamericana Educação Basica caso queira saber mais informações.

Detalhes de Escola Panamericana Educação Basica

O que oferece

  • Creche
  • Educação Bilíngue
  • Ensino Fundamental
  • Ensino Fundamental - Anos Finais 6ᵒ ao 9ᵒ
  • Ensino Fundamental - Anos Iniciais 1ᵒ ao 5ᵒ
  • Ensino Médio
  • Pré-escola



Disciplinas: Ensino Fundamental

  • Artes (Educação Artística, Teatro, Dança, Música, Artes Plásticas e outras)
  • Ciências
  • Educação Física
  • Estudos Sociais
  • Estudos Sociais ou Sociologia
  • Geografia
  • História
  • Informática / Computação

Disciplinas: Ensino Médio

  • Artes (Educação Artística, Teatro, Dança, Música, Artes Plásticas e outras)
  • Biologia
  • Educação Física
  • Estudos Sociais ou Sociologia
  • Filosofia
  • Física
  • Geografia
  • História

Atividades Especializadas

Escola Internacional

Ano de início



  • Banda Larga
  • Biblioteca*
  • Copiadora
  • Cozinha
  • Impressora
  • Internet
  • Láb. Ciências
  • Quadra de Esportes


  • Dependências com Acessibilidade
  • Escola com Acessibilidade
  • Sanitário com Acessibilidade



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Mais Informações:

Sobre Escola Panamericana Educação Basica

Escola internacional em Porto Alegre/RS. The Pan American School of Porto Alegre was founded in 1966. We are an International school providing both the American and Brazilian curriculum, offering our students the opportunity to graduate with a diploma in both curriculums. We are highly committed to excellence in education and to seeing our students become global citizens. Mission - PAS POA inspires life-long learners to build their future. Vision - To be an exemplary international learning community, nurturing confidence to embrace change. CORE VALUES Respect: an understanding of each other and of the communities, cultures, and environments of the world, moving through tolerance toward mutual trust. Integrity: being consistently honest, principled and trustworthy, choosing to do the right thing at all times. Collaboration: working together constructively toward a commonly understood goal. Cooperation between staff, students and parents are essential. Determination: Having the courage, tenacity, and conviction to identify and achieve one’s dreams. Leadership: Embracing opportunities to face challenges with flexibility and creativity, persevering to positively influence change. AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM

The After School Program is designed to offer enrichment and extension programs after 3:30 pm. The program involves the arts, sports and languages and runs Mondays to Fridays using both the school site and an adjacent sports facility. New activities are continually being added to it. CLASSROOM WITHOUT WALLS

As a valuable extension of the classroom experience, a number of field trips are undertaken all of which meet educational objectives of classroom programs. To participate in field trips students are required to bring notes of permission which have been prepared by the teacher and signed by parents. The permission slip will be personalized accurately describing destination, purpose of trip and time of departure and other relevant details.


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